Sharon Talchik Photographer : Bio

Though my favorite is South Florida landscape photography, I offer sunrise and sunset photography and scenic photography from all over. I thrive on nature photography as well, specializing in flower photography. Much of my photography has been labeled “Sharon’s photography portfolio of healing photography”.

Sharon Talchik Photographer :

Sharon is a world class photographer and devoted Christian. She started her entertainment career at age 5 as a little teapot, short and stout. In time, she would become short and slim, and a favorite performer for famous choreographer June Taylor, going on to warm the hearts of audiences at every venue.

As it was on stage, her athletic prowess has been a great enabler in her photographic career, as well. She has tirelessly climbed rocks and trees, mountains, sand dunes and tall buildings…all for that “great shot.” Her library contains thousands of landscapes, seascapes, and portraits amassed over thirty years of stunning accomplishment.

The artist’s work, simply stated, has vivacity. Like her, it serves to inspire contentment, peace, and countless deep emotions with even a casual glance. There is life in it, to be sure, as there is reverence, awesomeness, tranquility and power. Her mission is to enable others to see God’s beauty as captured by her lens and heart.